Agency: Neue Digitale / Razorfish
Client: Audi AG
Role: Creative Direction, Idea, Concept
Brief: Digital product launch of the all new Audi Q3..

Fish where the fish are

For the world premiere of the brandnew Audi Q3 we launched the brand experience directly on Youtube, where our target group is fishing for informations anyway. It was the first ever Youtube Channel takeover for a car launch.
My role as Creative Director was creating the concept of folding and unfolding the whole channel into six stages that presents the main features of the new Audi Q3 and visionaries Designers. After finishing the idea I designed the 3D stages and integrated the features.
Last challenge we had to handle was to intergate the 3D build stages into the HTML5 frames of  Youtube’s interface.

The premiere before the premiere

As the pre launch event we created an AR experience that shows details of the new Audi Q3 three days before its release.
We published empty stages on billboards and print ads, that reveal initial features of the Q3 by using the Audi App as augmented eye.