Agency: DDB Hamburg
Client: Lufthansa Aviation Group
Role: Creative Direction, Digital Lead, Idea, Concept
Brief: Transform the Lufthansa campaign #LifeChangingPlaces into a web appearence.

Lufthansa #LifeChangingPlaces is a  campaign from the German aviation group. It’s about bringing the adventurer out in all of us, with Lufthansa there to help shape what your Life Changing Trip might look like. Collaborating with DDB Hamburg and UNIT9, I created a microsite to help adventurers explore new worlds and discover their own life-changing destination with an interactive game.

This experience is all about inspiring people to explore. A series of powerful documentaries introduce the #LifeChangingPlaces concept. We meet surfer Chris Burkard who takes us on a journey to Norway’s Lofoten archipelago. And Geisa Neitzel who journeys to South Africa to be freed from the daily stresses of big city life. The homepage also includes a #LifeChangingPlaces social gallery linking through to Lufthansa’s instagram feed, where you’ll find a curated collage of inspiring travel photos.

honored this experience as site of the day web and tablet. Check it out here and here.