Agency: Aimaq · Rapp · Stolle
Client: ASICS Europe
Role: Creative Direction
Brief: Soime selected works


The nightmare has actually come true. Intelligent aliens are about to rule the world – the earth is being attacked by diminutive beings. These look exactly like ASICS sports shoes and keep on brutally attacking innocent civilians all over the place. Men are torn from their sleep and dragged from cars. The aliens herd large crowds of people through the streets. Even the camera team has apparently not survived the “Asics Attack.”


“Talking Shoes” was a campaign hitting europe for more than 4 years. I was responsible for the print ads and its adaption in 17 languages.
Aimaq · Rapp · Stolle also produced several award winning tvcs for this campaign.

ASICS Hyper Paw

One of my first projects, but I still love the purity of its design.
The ASICS Hyper Paw prints where rolled out in europes sport shops during summer 2005.

Republic of Runners

This concept was presented to ASICS Europe to be the next big Brand Campaign. Sadly this never happend. Nevertheless, I still think, that this is a great piece of Art Direction.