Agency: Aimaq · Rapp · Stolle
Client: Art Direction, Digital Design
Role: Creative Direction, Digital Lead, Idea, Concept
Brief: Viral campaign for the release of the new ASICS Gel Komodo with shock absorbing gel in 2006.


Back in 2006, we’ve got this brief: The aim was to create curiosity for the European launch of a new running shoe from the Japanese sports brand ASICS, targeting young consumers for the first time. The website had to explain the benefits of its unique GEL cushioning technology. The heart of the site was the viral film. A Japanese home shopping show featuring two hosts who offer "GEL", a strange, red, shock-absorbing substance and demonstrate its effects in an outrageous way. But as a real online shop, GEL.TV had more strange products to offer, other than the running shoe, including a special merchandising product section and interactive e-cards.
ASICS Gel TV was my first ever web design I did and it got rewarded with a silver lion for its web design and bronze for viral campaign in cannes in 2006. Special thanks to Danny Baarz, who came up with the idea.

Studio Babelsberg

The viral was shot in the studios of Babelsberg. Here are some impressions of the set design.